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About Me

      I am a proud Jamaica, Queens native, raised in a bipartisan household that values both sides of the political spectrum. My father, a small business owner, and my mother, a union leader, instilled in me a sense of responsibility and a diverse perspective. My educational journey took me through the NYC public school system, graduating from P.S.132, I.S.109, and Springfield Gardens High School.

      During my youth, I dedicated countless hours to community service as an NYPD Explorer, gaining valuable insights into civic engagement. Concurrently, I served as a team leader at the M.S.72 Beacon Afterschool program, tutoring elementary school children while navigating high school and college. Post-graduation with honors from Stony Brook University, where I also had the enriching experience of studying abroad in China, I devoted over 5 years to education as a 9th-grade English teacher and college counselor. After leaving the education field I traveled the world as a professional actor, model, and music artist.

      Currently, I proudly serve as a Republican county committee member in the 29th Assembly District. My unique experiences have cultivated a worldly view of contemporary issues, and my deep love for Queens, New York City, and America propels my commitment to addressing pressing matters in my district and the nation. Determined to find practical solutions, I aim to contribute to making America great again for everyone. As we face urgent challenges, I believe new leadership is essential for a brighter future. That's why I am running for Assembly in District 29—our nation's future is at stake, and together, we can usher in positive change.


New York Deserves Moore 2024 🇺🇸 

My Approach
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